Having a two year old I am constantly cleaning and picking up all the time but despite my effort, I feel like my house is in constant disarray. Sometimes I spend 20 minutes looking for something because it doesn't get returned to it's designated spot or it doesn't have one to begin with. When this happens, it drives me absolutely crazy and it completely derails me from my routine. Lately this seems to be happening more and more often.

I know cleaning is part of everyday life in order to maintain a clean and organized home but I believe that I can get better use of my time if I have less stuff to contend with. With that said I have decided to do something about it. Starting this upcoming week I am starting a 14 week challenge!

Over the next 14 weeks I plan on getting my house de-cluttered and really organized. Each week I am going to pick a different area in my home to clean and organize. I am going to set weekly goals of what I want to accomplish in each space. My goal to is purge items that I am no longer using like baby stuff, craft supplies, seasonal items, and collectibles. I want every item that stays in my house to have a "place". I also want to deep clean each and every room/ space in my house. Some of the more heavily used areas like the kitchen will take more time to clean/ organize so I will take a couple of weeks to work on specific areas. If time/money permits I want to freshen up some rooms with a coat of paint and maybe some decorative items. When the 14 weeks is up I will have a clean and organized house.

The following is tentative schedule of how I'm going to divide the spaces in my house over the next 14 weeks! I may rotate or swap areas for a particular week depending on my work schedule because some areas of my house will not require nearly as much time as others.

Week 1_Dec 29th-Jan 4th: Purge
Week 2_Jan 5th-11th: Office
Week 3_Jan 12-18th: Master Bedroom
Week 4_Jan 19th-25th: Kitchen part 1
Week 5_Jan 26th-Feb 1st: Kitchen part 2
Week 6_Feb 2nd-8th: Kitchen Part 3
Week 7_Feb 9th-15th: Lily's Bedroom
Week 8_Feb 16th-22nd: Playroom/DR
Week 9_Feb 23rd-Mar: Living Room
Week 10_Mar 2nd-8th: Bathroom
Week 11_Mar 9th-15th: Linen Closet
Week 12_Mar 16th-22nd: Entry Closet
Week 13_Mar 23rd-29th: Hallway
Week 14_Mar 30th-Apr 6th: Bathroom 2

Each week I will talk about my weekly challenge and what I plan to accomplish and of course the end result.

Janet Cary
12/26/2013 06:41:25 am

Sounds like a ginormous job. Don't get frustrated if you don 't stay on schedule or you may give up all together. I think you are putting to much on yourself, especially woith a 2 year old.

AirMare or Airme
12/26/2013 07:57:39 am

If there is anything u think I can use for my recycled crafts please let me know! I will welcome anything u call trash :). Good luck I know u can do it!!!

Sherry Wallace
12/27/2013 03:25:00 pm

This sounds like a wonderful plan! I think you have just inspired me to make a challenge schedule for my house too! Thanks. ;)


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