I just finished the map for the Treasure Chest and Map Qiuet Book page! It's coming along. I used the pattern from www.imagineourlife.com.


One of my favorite blogs is "Imagine Our Life" by Stephanie Segall. She is a very dedicated mommy and a very talented artist. Not only does she make these fabulous educational crafts for her three year old but she shares her work by making and sharing her patterns for FREE!! Yes for free! I am in awe of her dedication and creativity. She has multiple patterns for these amazing felt book pages. Not only does she supply you with the free pattern but she also gives you instructions and where to find the materials. You really have to visit her website and see for yourself www.imagineourlife.com

The latest project that Stephanie is working on is a Montessori Wall Map (made from felt) that will feature the different animals and landmarks specific to each Continent including matching 3-part cards. She includes the printouts and patterns for free. She has already completed the world map along with North America, Africa, and Oceans of the World.

The picture below is marine animals that I've made from the free pattern that she provided on her website. This is a huge project but I am excited to make this for Lily. It will be a great learning tool for her throughout her preschool and school years.

My work in progress!

This is the wall map that Stephanie has created so far. It's just fabulous! Please visit her website!