I love to bead every now and again so over the years I have accumulated a mini stock of beads, buttons, charms and other jewelry making supplies. I like to be organized and have everything categorized so I can easily find what I'm looking for. For years I had my beads in those little plastic divided containers which I didn't care for so I made my own bead storage boards. The bead boards I made from chip board, 2x3 plastic bags, and brads. The bead boards fit in plastic sleeves that fit in a 3-ring binder. These worked better than prior storage attempts but they were time consuming to make. Recently I was trying to organize some buttons that I'd purchased and because I did not have time to make more bead boards so I ended up placing them in 2x3 bags. While filling my bags I was again trying to come up with a storage solution that was quick. What would my little bags fit in? Then it hit me... what about business card plastic sleeves that fit in a three ring binder! I actually had some on hand and what a perfect fit!!!! Finally a perfect solution for me.