There are only a few possessions in life that I could not stand to lose with one of those being my photos. The simple thought of losing them makes me queasy. I have always kept my digital pictures on my computer and had a copy on a hard drive. I used to think this was enough until recently a dear friend of mine had her digital photos stored on both her computer and hard drive in which both failed. Six years of photos... gone. This included all the baby photos of her children. How devastating. Fortunately she had uploaded some of her oldest child's baby photos to to Snapfish and was able to recover those photos and not all was lost. The other photos however are gone forever.

This kicked my butt into gear to have yet another back up of my 18 years of digital photos. (I had negatives from 1995 and on all digitized). I needed to decide whether I wanted to go with DVD back-up or on-line backup? Both have advantages but I ended up going with an online storage for a minimal fee. I came to this decision based on two reasons. I can access- manage these photos from any device that has Internet access and I can share photos with anyone I choose. I went with MediaFire. You can actually use their online backup for free- up to 50 gigs. I pay four dollars a month to upgrade to 250 gigs.

So have spent the last 4 days uploading photos and I still have the last 2 years of photos to upload. It is somewhat time consuming but it is completely worth it. I feel a little more at ease knowing I have a tertiary backup in place.