I must say I really love my iPhone 5. I use it for almost everything. I only use my PC when I am using Excel, downloading photos, Photoshop, or working. I actually got on my PC today to browse Pinterest and my Google drive and I was back using my phone within 10 minutes because it just felt so wrong. I know... It's crazy. I need to get an iPad but even then I still think I will be partial to my Iphone. I literally can hold my phone with one hand and text, edit, browse, play Candy Crush, listen to audiobooks/ music, pay bills, etc. I can literally go on and on and on.


I have been in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the past 18 years and I have been a Paramedic and an EMS educator for the last 10 years. Up until 2010 I either worked or volunteered as an EMS provider. Unfortunately in 2010 I came down with an acute Illness that left me very ill. I did recover but it was a long process both physically and emotionally. I truly thought at one point that I would never set foot on an ambulance again...

Last night, after almost three years, I got back on the ambulance as a Paramedic. My Rescue Squad welcomed me back with open arms and I got to do my first shift back with some great EMS providers that I also consider great friends.

It feels great to be back. I will be volunteering one 12- hour shift per month.


I just adore my beautiful baby girl!!

My daughter and husband watching Saturday morning cartoons!
My little munchkin is walking everywhere now. :) She is curious about everything and is very independent so she keeps us on our toes. She has always been a very happy go lucky baby so we are very blessed.

It has been a while since my last post. I have like five projects going on along with working and taking care of a toddler... there is just not enough time in a day to get everything done. Actually, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed but I try to take it one day at a time. I wish I could blog more because its a great way for me to document our life. Currently I am working on Lily's quiet book plus my husband and I have been working on getting 72-hour emergency kits together. Because both me and my husband work we try spend at least one day a week together doing a family activity. We will spend the day doing one of the following activities: park, zoo, children's museum, aquarium, water park, amusement park, etc.

I hope to blog more soon.
Every now and again I like to save a few bucks so I bust out my scissors and my pile of mailers I've been collecting (usually over several months) and I cut coupons. By the time I get around to doing this, the majority of the coupons have expired and I only cut the coupons on products that I would normally purchase so the amount of coupons I end up with is minimal. Usually, most of the coupons I do use are in-store coupons I receive from my wholesale membership club. Recently I decided to be more consistent on cutting coupons (before they expire) so I can save more money. I decided that in order to be more successful, I needed to get organized. I purchased a three ring binder and bought coupon inserts pages and organized my coupons by category. This made the process of cutting and storing coupons so much easier. Last Friday with my shopping list and coupons in hand I went shopping for groceries. Between my whole sale club coupons, manufacturer coupons and the grocery store sale items, I saved $75 bucks. I would call that a success! I do realize that the savings will not be this drastic everytime but if i could save an average of $15 dollars every two weeks, thats over $300 saving in a year. The question is... can I keep this up? So one of my goals for 2013 is to take 15 minutes each week and cut my coupons before they expire and stay organized so I can save save save!!! I am by no means an extreme couponer or plan on becoming one for a few reasons.... time and storage space.

I ordered just a basic 1" three ring binder and coupon inserts from Amazon for about $8. I used tabs that I already had on hand to organize coupons by category. I will attach a link to a PDF file that lists the categories I use once I figure out how to do that. Happy couponing!

Update 2/18/12: I have been saving approximately 15 dollars a week using coupons and sale papers.
I made this keepsake onesie with the Superman logo that I found on the web. I cut the template out and traced it on the red and yellow felt. I cut the felt out and then hand-stitched it onto the onesie using embroidery floss. I provided both red and blue permanent markers so everyone could sign it. After the baby shower it was put into a frame and given to the the expecting mommy.
I live in a coastal region where Hurricanes and flooding are not uncommon and we even get occasional tornadoes. In my household we've always had a few emergency items on hand and would get extra water in preparation for a big storm. However, we don't have anything prepared in case we need to evacuate quickly. This is very important to me especially now that I have a child. I have decided that this is a priority and I need to assemble 72-hour emergency kits for my family. I realize this is going to be an expensive task so I am going to add items weekly until my kits are assembled. I am currently in the research phase and I am reading different blogs that are informative on emergency preparedness. Here are two different blogs that I find very informative and helpful:



I have already started to assemble my vital records binder. This is a binder that has well basically all our family information stored in it. Will this save our lives? Well no but just in case we have a natural disaster or God forbid we lose our house or family member, we have all our important documents in one place.

Week 1: Assemble two backpacks - one for myself and one for my husband. For obvious reasons we will have to include our one year old daughter's items in our packs. I am using backpacks because if we have to evacuate on foot, they can easily be carried and it keeps our hands free so we can hold or deal with our toddler.
There are only a few possessions in life that I could not stand to lose with one of those being my photos. The simple thought of losing them makes me queasy. I have always kept my digital pictures on my computer and had a copy on a hard drive. I used to think this was enough until recently a dear friend of mine had her digital photos stored on both her computer and hard drive in which both failed. Six years of photos... gone. This included all the baby photos of her children. How devastating. Fortunately she had uploaded some of her oldest child's baby photos to to Snapfish and was able to recover those photos and not all was lost. The other photos however are gone forever.

This kicked my butt into gear to have yet another back up of my 18 years of digital photos. (I had negatives from 1995 and on all digitized). I needed to decide whether I wanted to go with DVD back-up or on-line backup? Both have advantages but I ended up going with an online storage for a minimal fee. I came to this decision based on two reasons. I can access- manage these photos from any device that has Internet access and I can share photos with anyone I choose. I went with MediaFire. You can actually use their online backup for free- up to 50 gigs. I pay four dollars a month to upgrade to 250 gigs.

So have spent the last 4 days uploading photos and I still have the last 2 years of photos to upload. It is somewhat time consuming but it is completely worth it. I feel a little more at ease knowing I have a tertiary backup in place.

My beautiful baby.