Although the school year is almost over, I've decided to start a daily routine of a preschool activities with my 3 year old. Why am I starting now? Well because she is eager and ready to learn and really shows interest. I have been reading homeschool blogs, scouring the Internet and collecting hundreds of resources (free and purchased) over the last few years so I could one day homeschool my daughter. Although I plan on sending her to pre-3 this fall, I am eager to get her started. I plan on having daily activities of music, art, phonics, fine and gross motor activities, counting, circle time, and sensory activities.

I want this experience fo be fun for her and I want her to enjoy learning so I will not force her to do activities that she is not interested in. My plan is to do maybe a hours worth of structured activity a day, 3-4 times a week. I am excited about this upcoming experience and plan to document our journey.

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