Update: 01/02/13

OK I am not going to lie... I'm a little behind on the selling part. This week I have gathered and sorted all unwanted baby items but I have yet to post items to Craig's List. I still need take pictures of lots/items and get them listed.

Although I am a little behind selling my items, I have been super busy getting other projects done. I will post these projects in the upcoming days. One in particular I am super excited to share! Keep up the great work!


I must admit when I was pregnant with my first and only child, I went a little overboard buying baby clothes, baby toys, baby gadgets and furniture. Fast forward two years and I have bins and bins and bins and more bins of clothing, toys, shoes, bottles, etc. I think I might actually have enough baby stuff that one could possibly start a gently used baby boutique. No joke! However, I have no desire to start such a business. What to do... Hmmm, well the first obvious choice was to give some of the baby items to friends who were expecting or who'd recently had a baby. The only problem with that was all my friends had or are expecting baby boys. So decisions decisions! I thought about having a yard sale... but after I thought it through I decided against it. The thought of random strangers picking their way through my baby's clothes paying pennies on the dollar after spending hours and hours preparing. No thanks!. I would rather give everything to charity then go through the hassles yard sale. Then a friend suggested that I sell my stuff in lots on Craigslist. Hmmm... not a bad idea. This would take a little work to sort, photograph, and post but if I gave to charity, I would have to itemize for tax deduction anyways. So I finally decided what to do.... I will post items/ lots on Craigslist. If the item/lot does not sell within a reasonable amount of time, I will donate it to charity.

Just a note- I do have other items that I will part with but the majority is baby items.

My plan for the week.

1. Gather all items that are in my attic and closets that are going to be sold/donated.

2. Go through the numerous bins of items and sort. (Some items like baby clothes and toys will be sorted out by age and sold as a lot. Big ticket items like car seats, high hair, etc will be sold as individual items.

3. Itemize each lot using a tax donation worksheet.

4. Take pictures of each item / lot for sale.

5. Post items /lots to Craig's list. (This happens to be a good week because my husband is on vacation and he'll be home if people want to view the items).

6. If the items are not sold by one week, they wil be donated to charity.

I have lots to do but with my husband's help, but I know we can get it knocked out. I will post an update!! Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to leave a comment. Lol

Jamie M.

Sherry Wallace
12/31/2013 03:00:24 am

Great idea, Jamie! ;) I need to stop procrastinating and jump on this organization, clean-up bandwagon. Maybe I'll get off this computer and start doing some of my stuff now...well, after I give you a call first, that is! Happy organizing!

1/6/2014 12:33:53 pm

How did week one turn out?


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